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50 years ago...

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord—a time-travelling humanoid alien known as the Doctor. He explores the universe in his TARDIS (acronym: Time and Relative Dimension in Space), a sentient time-travelling space ship. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, which was a common sight in Britain in 1963 when the series first aired. Along with a succession of companions, the Doctor faces a variety of foes while working to save civilisations, help ordinary people, and right wrongs.  
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Image for Reconstruction of the first scene set inside the TARDIS
Reconstruction of the first scene set inside the TARDIS Duration: 03:41

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BONFIRE NIGHT. 5th November

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason, and plot.
I now no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

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What do people do in Halloween?

Halloween is one of the world's oldest holidays, dating back to pagan times. But it is celebrated today by more people in more countries than ever before.  there's a simple reason: it is fun and it is good, clean, harmless fun for young and old alike!


While the Irish and Scots preferred turnips, English children made "punkies" out of large beets (which they call beetroots), upon which they carved a design of their choice. Then, they would carry their "punkies" through the streets while singing the "Punkie Night Song" as they knocked on doors and asked for money. Halloween became Guy Fawkes Night and moved a few days later - see the History of Halloween, but recently it has been celebrated on October 31, in addition to Guy Fawkes Night. In some rural areas, turnip lanterns were placed on gateposts to protect homes from the spirits who roamed on Halloween night. Another custom was to toss objects such as stones, vegetables and nuts into a bonfire to frighten away the spirits. These symbolic sacrifices were also used as fortune-telling tools. If a pebble thrown into the flames at night was no longer visible in the morning, then it was believed that the person who tossed the pebble would not survive another year. If nuts tossed into the fire by young lovers then exploded, it signified a quarrelsome marriage. For the most part however, the English ceased celebrating Halloween with the spread of Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation. Since followers of the new religion did not believe in Saints, they saw no reason to celebrate the Eve of All Saints' Day. However, in recent years, the American "trick or treating" custom, together with the donning of costumes for going door-to-door, has become a relatively popular pastime among English children at Halloween, although many of the adults (particularly the older generations) have little idea as to why they are being asked for sweets and are usually ill-prepared to accommodate their small and hopeful callers.

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Grandad´s carrot

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Postman Pat in a Muddle

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Learning through songs

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Punctuation Practice

                          End Mark, commas, capital letters, apostrophes.


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Greetings in English

Learn to use "greetings"  appropriately with intonation while listening to examples.

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Stolen Bike

Arthur is a Canadian/American animated educational television series for children. The show is set in the fictional American city of Elwood City, and revolves around the lives of 8-year-old Arthur Read, his friends and family, and their daily interactions with each other. 

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Read and Listen a story

Listen carefully and repeat some words. 
REMEMBER: Listening is the best way to improve your pronunciation in addition to comprehension.

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Despicable Me

Funny, funny, funny...

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A simple and effective way to improve your English and...Have fun!
Let´s sing!!!

  • I have built a treehouse, I have built a treehouse
  • Nobody can see us, it's a you and me house
  • I've been climbing rocks and stones,  been collecting broken bones
  • I've been swimming across the lakes,  just to find this perfect place
  • I got lost into the woods,  I've been covered up in mud
  • I've been going through a lot, just to find this perfect place
  • I got lost into the wood,  I've been covered up in mud
  • I've been going through a lot, just to find this perfect spot
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    These are the most frequently used irregular verbs.

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    Listen and Watch. Short Stories.

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    In the morning, D.W finds pictures of Arthur; before he had glasses. He tells her the story of when he needed glasses and the teasing that followed.

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    When you were six.... Tell us your story.

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